Affordability Calculator Demo Page

Basic Usage

To use the Affordability Calculator with default settings, insert the following shortcode into your content:


Home Affordability Calculator

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Total Monthly Payment

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Loan Amount
Down Payment
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Principal & Interest
Tax & Insurance
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This will display the calculator with pre-configured settings from your plugin options. Users can enter their details to see if the home is within an affordable range

Advanced Usage with Optional Parameters

For a more customized experience, you can use the shortcode with optional parameters. Each parameter allows you to set a default value for a specific field in the calculator. The available parameters are:

  • loan_term: The term of the loan in years (comma-separated for multiple options).
  • monthly_income: Household monthly income
  • monthly_expenses: Household monthly expenses
  • down_payment_percentage: The down payment percentage.
  • interest_rate: Interest Rate
  • monthly_property_tax_and_fees: Monthly Property Taxes and Fees
  • property_insurance: Property Insurance
  • estimated_home_price: The price of the home.

Example with all parameters:

[affordability_calculator loan_term="30" monthly_income="8000" monthly_expenses="1600" down_payment_percentage="10" interest_rate="3.5" property_tax_and_fees="2" property_insurance="1" estimated_home_price="300000"]

This will display the Affordability Calculator with the specified values as defaults. Users can still modify these values in the calculator interface.

Important Notes:

  1. Shortcode Parameters: The parameters in the shortcode overwrite the default settings from the plugin options. If a parameter is not specified, the calculator will use the default setting from the plugin options.
  2. Loan Terms: For the loan_term parameter, if you provide a comma-separated list (e.g., loan_term="15,20,30"), these values will be used as radio button options for the loan term. If loan_term is not specified, the calculator will use the default loan terms defined in your plugin options.
  3. Formatting: Ensure that the values for currency fields (like home_price, est_monthly_property_tax, etc.) are provided without formatting (i.e., no commas, currency symbols, etc.). Percentages should be provided as numbers without the percent sign.
  4. Compatibility: Check your theme and other plugins for compatibility to ensure the calculator displays and functions correctly on your site.

By following these instructions, you can effectively integrate and customize the Affordability Calculator on your WordPress website to meet your specific needs.

When you use our Affordability Calculator on your website, it comes with an intuitive feature designed for both your convenience and to enhance the user experience. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happens when a user interacts with the “Get Started” button:

Seamless Data Transfer to a New Form

  • Get Started Button: At the end of the Affordability Calculator, users will find a “Get Started” button. This is not just a call to action but also a smart bridge to a new form.
  • Automatic Data Collection: When a user clicks the “Get Started” button, the values they have entered into the calculator – such as the home price, down payment, and loan terms – are automatically transferred to a new form. This means they don’t have to re-enter this information, making the process smoother and more user-friendly.

Lead Submission Form: Gathering Essential Information

  • Basic Details: The new form, which appears after clicking “Get Started”, is straightforward. It asks for the user’s basic information: their name, email address, and phone number.
  • Loan Information Included: Along with these personal details, the form will also include the data from the Mortgage Payment Calculator. This ensures that when the user submits the form, they are not just providing their contact details but also the specific loan information they were interested in.