Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances

April 21, 2017

Trends in kitchen design and appliances are changing rapidly. That is, the changes that are taking place in technology, in general, are finding their way into your kitchen. Some of them will simply change the way your kitchen looks, while others will change the way you operate in your kitchen completely.

Here are some of the kitchen designs and appliances that are quickly becoming popular in more cutting-edge kitchens.

Industrial Style Kitchens

With all of the conversions of former industrial space to retail, office and commercial space, it should naturally follow that industrial would eventually make it as a kitchen design. This is a natural choice in an older home, that may already incorporate certain industrial design features. But it can also be part of an overall home-improvement process, since the kitchen is the most functional room in the house, and can work well with an industrial design.

The style follows basic kitchen design and can make heavy use of brick or wood walls as a background, light-colored cabinetry, and steel appliances. There are even suppliers who provide industrial style kitchen appliances, that may be metallic black, with gold or silver trim items.

The overall style is minimalist in concept and often incorporates wood floors and plenty of open spaces. Natural lighting flows well with the design, enhancing the open feel of the kitchen even more.

Gray Tones

Gray has the advantage in that while it’s a light color, it avoids the antiseptic look of pure white. We can also suppose that gray tends to be at least a little bit more resistant to faint smudges and stains than white is. But it also makes a good neutral background color that can work well in almost any kitchen, but particularly those with stainless steel appliances. The steel-on-gray contrast can add a touch of understated class to the most functional room in the house.

Gray is also a cool color that goes well with many other different color schemes, particularly regarding cabinets. It’s even possible that you can use gray appliances as an alternative to stainless steel.

One of the big advantages with this kitchen design trend is that it’s relatively inexpensive to implement. You can make gray the base color in your kitchen for just a few dollars for a couple of cans of paint. Naturally, you can trade up from there by going with either gray cabinets or with gray appliances. Just be sure to add some splashes of color in the kitchen to offset all of that gray.

Refrigerators with Specialized Storage Zones

Refrigerators are getting more complicated, and that’s not an unhealthy development if you have limited kitchen space, and can’t accommodate the largest refrigerators. The basic idea is that the refrigerator emphasizes increased organization, to compensate for the lack of raw storage space.

It actually looks better in practice than it sounds in theory. For example, many new refrigerators now segregate the refrigerator and freezer with the refrigerator on top and freezer on the bottom. In fact, the freezer is actually a drawer. That works better than you might imagine because it enables you to stack items on top of each other, rather than arranging them on often wasted door shelf space. This stack ability enables you to pack more frozen foods into a smaller space.

The refrigerator portion is at the top. This not only results in easier access to the most common items that you go to your refrigerator for, but it also creates a lot of segregated spaces. In fact, those spaces are tailored to specific items. That enables you to pack more similar items into the same space.

The basic idea here is that refrigerators with specialized storage zones enable you to put more in the same or smaller size refrigerator. That will increase your options with kitchen design since the size of the refrigerator is often a controlling factor in designing the overall layout of the room.

Countertop Beer Brewing

This amenity isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a beer aficionado, it can be one of those handy, well-used countertop appliances, much like a microwave oven or a coffee maker. In a relatively small space, you can add an appliance that enables you to brew your own craft beer.

There are beer brewing appliances that enable you to track your brewing sessions using a smartphone application. You can also choose to brew just about any type of beer that you choose. Like a home breadmaking machine, you add the ingredients, let them brew for several hours, after which they undergo a fermentation period, as well as chilling. The whole process can take several weeks to brew a single keg of beer. But your effort can impress your friends with your homemade beer and your newfound skill at brewing it. It could make your home the favorite entertainment spot in your social circle.

You can purchase a quality countertop beer brewing system for well under $1,000. And when you consider how much money you will save purchasing six-packs or kegs over the course of a year, it may be money well spent, in addition to a higher quality product. You can be the talk of your friends, at least until countertop beer brewing becomes a more common kitchen design trend, and everyone else catches up by getting their own system.

The Automated Kitchen

Everything else is going high-tech, and so is your kitchen. One of the new kitchen design trends is an automated kitchen. This includes sensor activated lights. These are similar to the sensor activated lights that often appear on the outside of homes. That means that the lights are only on when someone is in the room, and then they turn off when the person is gone.

That’s just one feature of the automated kitchen. Another is smartphone alerts that you can use to measure the temperature of the meat that you have cooking in the oven, and even to let you know when your dinner is complete and ready to be taken out of the oven.

There’s even a hands-free faucet, which can work well either with children, or on those many occasions when your hands are covered in grease or other messy food items, and you don’t want to dirty up the fixtures by turning them on. Similar to what you see in public restrooms, the faucets are activated by the motion of your hands in front of the sensors that are on the faucet. It’s an example of institutional technology making its way into the home.

This is just a small sampling of the dozens of new trends that are developing in kitchen design and home-improvement in general. It’s likely that whatever you see in public spaces or on home and garden type TV programs is now available at your local home decorating or home remodeling store. The changes are nothing short of revolutionary, and adding just a few can make your kitchen completely different from the one that you grew up in.

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