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How to Know When to Refinance Your Mortgage

How do you know when to refinance your mortgage? Many people know that refinancing a home loan could save them money, but it isn’t always true that you’ll come out ahead with a refinance. Your potential savings depends on your circumstances, the terms of the old loan and the terms of the new refinance loan. […]

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New Mortgage Amounts and Loan Requirements for 2018

As is usually the case with the arrival of a new year, there are changes happening in the mortgage industry. These include changes in maximum loan amounts, as well as to certain underwriting criteria that affect borrower qualification. On balance, all of these changes are positive for 2018. They’ll enable higher loan amounts, and increased […]

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When it Makes Perfect Sense to Do a Cash-out Refinance

Strictly speaking, doing a cash-out refinance is a form of “equity-stripping.” That’s what it’s called any time you borrow money against your home for a purpose that is not related to the property itself. There’s no question that equity stripping can lead you to a bad place. But there are times when it makes perfect […]

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