7 Ideas for Making Quick Cash

December 20, 2017

We all wish we made just a little more money. But sometimes what we really need is some fast cash. So, when you don’t have time to start a side gig or wait for your next raise, here are a few ways to make a little quick cash:

  1. Sell Your Unused Items

We all have things, probably in decent condition, laying around. We don’t use them, and we don’t really need them. You can make a little money fast by selling these things. No, you won’t get what you paid for them, but that’s not the point. You’re trying to get a little cash right now.

You can hold a garage sale, put some of the items for sale online, or even take them to a consignment shop. Selling online offers a number of opportunities, from Facebook Marketplace to eBay to Craigslist. There are even online consignment shops. Look for a consignment shop that will pay you cash up front, rather than making you wait until the items sell.

  1. Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Thanks to the sharing economy, there are some options available to help you make money fast. Be a rideshare driver in your free time. You can take people around, and even arrange to have the money deposited into your account the next day.

It’s also possible to make money by offering your home on sites like Airbnb. These types of arrangements allow you to bring in money for sharing what you already have.

  1. Pick Up Seasonal Work

During busy times of the year, companies are always looking for extra help. At the holiday season, you might be able to get work as a night shelf stocker or as a driver. You could even get a shift as a cashier. Tourist locations also look for seasonal help. You could serve as a guide on weekends and boost your income quickly.

  1. Add an Extra Shift

Maybe your current work needs a little extra help. If you are paid hourly, adding an extra shift can make a big difference — and you’ll see money in your next paycheck. This works especially well if you work in an industry that involves tips. Pick up an extra food service shift or add another few hair cutting clients this week, and you could see cash immediately.

  1. Donate Plasma

Depending on where you are and the need, you could earn between $25 and $50 per plasma donation. Additionally, is often possible to go twice in a seven day period. So you could very well earn a good chunk of change for plasma donation. There are some health requirements you need to meet to donate, but it can be a great way to make the most of something you have in abundance — your blood.

  1. Odd Jobs

Do you have a handy streak? If so, you could do odd jobs and get paid quickly. If you have a truck, you can charge to haul things for other people. During the holidays, there are people who don’t have the time or inclination to put up their decorations. You could fill in and do the job for them.

From personal shopping to helping assemble furniture, you could get paid for doing various odd jobs. You get cash in your pocket almost immediately.

  1. Start a Service Gig

You can make money pretty quickly if you have a service side gig. Consider something like dog walking or pet sitting. You can also get regularly paid for house cleaning or serving as a companion for a senior. Think about some of the service gigs you can do and get paid.

You might be surprised by how much you could make when you have a few extra hours a week to devote to making quick cash. Think about what you would be best at, and then get to work.

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