Credit Report & Monitoring

Your credit score impacts you in so many ways. Do you know yours?

No credit card required and it won’t impact your score.

Why You Need to Know Your Score

As you probably already know, your credit score and report affects your life in so many important ways. A better score qualifies you for lower interest rates and better credit cards and loans.

That’s why Velocity Lending has partnered with Credit Sesame to ensure that you have the very best visibility into how your credit is doing and the best way to maximize your score.

  • Get your free score – See your Transunion VantageScore 3.0 credit score instantly and get a free score updated every month
  • See what credit factors are affecting your score – See how you score on the most important credit factors
  • Get personalized tips on improving your credit – Understand the best next steps to manage your credit and loans to up your credit score
  • Learn your best options – Know if you’re overpaying on credit card and loan interest and the best way to save money in your current financial situation

No credit card required and it won’t impact your score.

Key Features of Credit Sesame

Velocity Lending is proud to offer Credit Sesame to our clients. This unique service is designed to help our clients achieve the very best credit scores and save money.

Some of the special features of this program include:

  1. Completely online–simple and secure
  2. Get your credit score for free–no credit card required
  3. Have your credit graded–learn what is helping and hurting your score
  4. Get personalized tips on how to manage your credit and loans
  5. Get your Transunion credit score updated monthly–all for free

No credit card required and it won’t impact your score.

If you have any questions about your credit or want to know how you can save more money on your current mortgage or other debts–call us directly at (313) 937-6005.