7 Trends in Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

May 1, 2017

When it comes to home remodeling projects, the kitchen is a popular choice. There’s something about an updated kitchen that people enjoy.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, you have the chance to build up equity. Once you have some of that equity in your house, you can tap into it. Using a home equity line of credit is a popular way to fund changes to your kitchen.

One way to refresh the kitchen without doing a complete remodel is to update the kitchen countertops and cabinets. Changing things around can brighten the space. Whether you add a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets or just change the countertops, these cosmetic upgrades can make a difference — and cost much less than a total remodel.

If you are looking for ideas for your kitchen refresh, HGTV has some ideas for the latest trends for your kitchen, including updates for your cabinets and countertops:

  1. It’s Time to Go Gray

White is a popular color for kitchen cabinets, but gray could be the next big thing. Gray is being seen in a number of design trends, and it is likely to make it into the kitchen as well. From bold, dark grays to soft grays, this is likely to be the next popular color for kitchen cabinets.

Go ahead and use gray in your kitchen update. You might be surprised at how delighted visitors are — and how you feel like a trendsetter head of the curve.

  1. Don’t Leave Out the Wood Look

It’s not just about a coat of paint and making all the cabinets look uniform. Instead, an upcoming trend in kitchen countertops and cabinets is to combine different colors, and using wood in your design efforts. Pair stained wood with gray cabinets for a fresh, modern look.

Adding a bit of wood tends to give the kitchen a somewhat homey feel. When paired with the modern gray, the effect is a modern-looking kitchen that is interesting to look at.

  1. Fold Up Doors

Instead of kitchen cabinets that swing open, there are companies that are creating fold up doors. These high-tech kitchen cabinet doors are hydraulic and easy to use. A simple touch is all you need to get them to fold up and out of the way. No knocking your head against an open cabinet door. Plus, these fold up cabinets add a cleaner look to the kitchen. If you are looking for fresh and unique, plus enhanced functionality, these new doors might be just the thing.

  1. Black Countertops

Black countertops are at once both classic and modern. One kitchen design idea is black countertops with white cabinets. It’s a very classic look, but it can also be used for a clean, modern-looking kitchen.

Not only that, but black countertops also go well with gray cabinets. There are different ways you can incorporate black countertops into your kitchen to add dramatic flair.

  1. Dark Cabinets for Drama

According to the HGTV article, many homeowners worry that dark cabinets will make a kitchen look smaller. However, when done right, these cabinets can actually make the kitchen look dramatic. Dark wood stains in rich colors are especially good for cabinets with this approach.

However, in order to make it work, you need light countertops and backsplashes. Get a good contrast going in the kitchen for a modern and dramatic take.

  1. Look-Alike Countertops

Granite is still one of the big draws for kitchen countertops. Unfortunately, granite is also expensive and can require ongoing maintenance. Granite look-alike countertops are becoming increasingly popular as they look even more like actual granite.

It’s possible now to find look-alike countertops that have larger stone patterns and look more authentic. On top of that, look-alikes are starting to see rounded edges. This enhances the look of granite countertops without all the price and fuss.

  1. Quartz Countertops

Finally, another trend is the move toward quartz countertops. These can be made in a variety of colors, including neutrals, to fit with any decor. What’s nice about quartz is the functionality. They are resistant to heat, spills, and scratches, and are non-porous. Quartz is perfect for the family that cooks a lot in the kitchen.
In the end, the best trends in kitchen countertops and cabinets combine your style with the price you can afford. With a little work, you can update your kitchen with a few trendy changes.

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